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{Personal} So what’s new with you?

Judy Shevlin

I found it reeeeally hard to write this blog post. It has been in drafts for about a month but I finally think that I’m ready to share. For the observant among you, you’ll have noticed that I have been slightly distant from Social Media and the blogging scene since October time with only a picture here or there but with good reason I can assure you.

I suppose what I am try to say is the reason for my absence is because…I’M PREGNANT!

 There! I said it :) it’s all out in the open now, yay! 

I personally thought that I would never be sharing this sort of delightful news with you all and it all doesn’t seem real yet as my bump just looks like I had pasta for lunch. For those who know me well may be aware of my battle with Endometriosis, and if you are familiar with the condition you will know that fertility can be an issue for some.

I had surgery a few years ago now to try and relieve some of the worse symptoms. Following the surgery, I sought advice from Maria Rafferty, known on Instagram as 'The Hormone Health Coach', she helps with a whole list of health issues woman may encounter in a holistic way. Although it has been a struggle I am finally here with a precious tiny little cargo on board and all the heartache feels like a distant memory.

So how have I been?

Well I suppose the first trimester is rough for most and I wasn’t an exception. I battled through the nausea with a combination of ginger tea, pretzels and other dry carbs and tactically retching into the nearest bin/sink or toilet I could find. I confided in a few close friends and colleagues at the beginning as to be honest I needed a little moral support. It was reassuring for someone to pop their head around the door of my office once a day and ask if I was okay - this support was invaluable as it is a bit of a lonely few weeks when it’s a big secret. The nausea although annoying was actually a cake walk compared to the extreme fatigue and ‘brain fog’ so 6.30pm bedtimes have been the norm for a while.

 Fast forward a few months and I have learned a few lessons;

  1. If in doubt snack and then snack some more
  2. Dry toast is a gift from the Gods
  3. I am a lucky and very thankful lady
  4. Midwives are the best

 So, what can you expect from the blog in 2018?

I always treat blogging as a hobby and I write as I feel inspired. I am excited for 2018 for obvious reasons and I think it will be nice to document a little of my pregnancy as it is such a big deal for me, as it is for all woman.

Interiors will always be the focus for me though and I am already planning nursery décor as we speak, with a little bit of travel hopefully a babymoon or two is on the cards.

I am excited to see where French Grey Lifestyle takes me in in 2018 and the not knowing is part of the fun - am I right?

In the meantime, I am on the countdown to June and I am excited to have you on board too.

 Wish me luck!

 Much Love,

Judy xo

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  • Louise on

    Massive congratulations to u on ur lovely news. Enjoy this special time and take care of yourself xxx

  • Claire Bull on


  • Geraldine on

    Judy what wonderful news ?congratulations to you both. Exciting way to start a new year xx

  • Geraldine on

    Always follow on Instagram, love your posts. Congratulations, such lovely news. Xx

  • Jo Masters on

    Congratulations – wonderful news! You will make a lovely Mum ?

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